Outline for Chart Analysis, Part 1
by Maritha Pottenger

Chart Overview

Take an overview of the chart. See if any of the following "leap out at you" (are strongly emphasized). Do not look at signs only! Planets and aspects are more significant than signs. Know the astrological alphabet.

  1. Planet(s) conjuncting an angle (and in Gauquelin sectors--9th and 12th houses).

  2. Stellium (3 or more planets) in a houses and/or in a sign.

  3. Element focus (e.g., Mars conjunct an angle; Jupiter conjunct the Sun; all fire houses occupied; Aries and Sagittarius occupied equals a strong fire focus).

  4. Element combination (e.g., all fire sign occupying earth houses; Jupiter conjunct Saturn; Mars aspecting Vesta and Venus; Sun aspecting Saturn; Jupiter and Sun in earth signs).

  5. Quality focus (e.g., T-square with Sun-Pluto-Uranus; fixed houses or signs strongly occupied).

  6. Any letter of the astrological alphabet emphasized (e.g., Mercury conjunct an angle or several planets in 3rd house or three planets in Gemini equals a Letter 3 focus).

  7. Any alphabet combination (e.g., Taurus stellium in 11th house OR ruler of 11th in 2nd; ruler of 2nd in 11th OR Uranus aspecting Venus; Venus in 11th; Uranus in Taurus represents the 2/11 blend).

  8. Any other themes (e.g., freedom, closeness, artistic, idealistic, security, risk, parental, power, intellectual, past, future, personal, transpersonal, and all the polarities [1/7, 2/8, 3/9, 4/10, 5/11, 6/12]). [These are fully defined in Astrology: The Next Step]

  9. Repeated relationship of occupied signs to occupied houses (e.g., vast majority of planets occupy signs opposite [or square, trine, etc.] the houses which are occupied, such as planets in Libra in 1st, in Scorpio in 2nd, in Sag in 3rd, etc. makes a natural opposition).

  10. Tight, close aspect configurations, e.g., grand trine, grand square, t-square, yod. Bear in mind the attributes associated with different elements for grand trines and the "dilemmas" which are reflected by cardinal, fixed and mutable grand squares and t-squares.

Any of the above which dominate the chart will influence interpretations of the various life areas.

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