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Silhouette Note Cards

This notecard set features the striking and classic zodiac art series originally designed by Phil Morgavo while he was employed by Astro several years ago while the company was still active in San Diego. The designs were initially posted on the website and made available as free downloadable desktop pictures. This feature remains active.

Recently Maria Kay Simms decided that the designs ought to also be a part of our Art Product line, so she opened each of Phil's desktop zodiac pictures and cut out as big a circle as was manageable, then saved the circular image so that it could be used as a chart center. Now we are also offering these designs as notecards, and we have named this design set Silhousette.

Click on the PDF to see the what each notecard looks like. It is a two page PDF, on which the first page the Art Charts are shown. Scroll down to page 2 to view the notecards.

Cards may be ordered as individual cards, and each will come in a clear, protective sleeve with its envelope. Or, you can order a boxed set of 12 cards with envelopes, and choose to either have your box contain 12 cards all of the same zodiac sign, or 12 cards with 1 card of each sign.

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Data required during checkout: Sign

one card $2.00
Box of 12, all one sign $20.00
Box of 12, one of each sign $20.00

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