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Magical Child Note Cards


Here are the colorful Your Magical Child zodiac characters on 3" x 5" notecards, blank inside. Celebrate your inner child! Send cards to friends on their birthdays, or perhaps you might use the cards all in your Sun Sign (or your child's Sun Sign) for ... more

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Silhouette Note Cards


This notecard set features the striking and classic zodiac art series originally designed by Phil Morgavo while he was employed by Astro several years ago while the company was still active in San Diego. The designs were initially posted on the website an... more

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Twelve Wings Art Cards


These 'Twelve Wings' notecards are of the more traditional zodiac design, based on the black & white illustrations that Maria Kay Simms did for her first book, Twelve Wings of the Eagle (published by ACS in 1988, but no longer in print). Some of the signs... more

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Whimsy Note Card


This whimsical style of Maria Kay Simms' "Astro'toons" designs are notecards, 3" x 4" in size, and blank inside. They are printed on cream-colored heavy paper. Single cards come with an envelope and enclosed in a clear plastic protective sleeve. You ca... more

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Z-Toons Notecards


Z-Toons - Here are the 12 signs of the zodiac with a touch of sass! Express yourself, or your intended recipient, with these zodiac cartoon notecards! Use them as invitations to a party...or send your friend a Sun sign cartoon for his or her birt... more

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