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Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain


Laugh while you learn astrology! Kim has written a unique, FUN book. Inside, you'll meet Pluto as Darth Vader, Venus in Aries as a flamenco dancer, the Sun as CEO of your horoscope, and much more. Her colorful, humorous descriptions help you capture the e... more

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Astrology & Weight Control


The Jupiter/Pluto Connection - revised 2nd edition Author, astrologer and metaphysician Beverly Flynn, uses the uniquely interesting approach of basic astrology to help you identify, understand and resolve underlying reasons for your lack of success in... more

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Book of Jupiter, The


The Book of Jupiter provides a fresh, provocative look at the largest of the planets. Marilyn's analysis of Jupiter's connection to beliefs, values, and assumptions is a must for people wanting to create more fulfilling lives. She discusses a scientific s... more

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Brother Pluto, Sister Eris


Written as a follow-up to Yankee Doodle Discord, this book examines the Eris Frenemy principle in regard to Pluto. Covering 800 years of major Pluto aspects with Eris, the chapters take you from one historical event to another, pointing out that the dea... more

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East Joins West


Chinese Astrology for Western Astrologers This very interesting new book will tell you what your sign is and what it means. Learn about the twelve animal signs and their hours--each sign is assigned to an hour. Six signs are for the hours from sunrise ... more

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Easy Astrology Guide


How to Read Your Horoscope - Astrology Your Tool For Happiness This book will show you how to Read your horoscope, starting from the basics, Pinpoint special talents and use your hidden strengths, Recognize (and resolve!) inner conflicts, Dissolve barr... more

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Friendship--A Planetary Fairytale


With illustrations by Molly. A Sullivan. The planets in our solar system are again talking with each other as they pass by close enough in their orbits. Each planet has a concern to express, while other planets orbiting too close to hear what was said ... more

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Just a Taste


It's just a few pages of interpretation of a natal chart, but just enough to pique the interest of someone who is new to Astrology. It could be just the thing to get the attention of a friend you'd like to introduce to Astrology, and it costs no more than... more

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Micro Mini Astrologer for 2020


State of the art data in an easy to use mini calendar format, spiral bound. All Data given in Date, Time, Degree, and Minutes. Lunations Table Listing all Phase Times, Dates, Positions, and Midpoints. Aspeciarian includes Parallels and Contrapara... more

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Only Way Book Series


Yes! It is the Only Way! Here you have six books that begin at the beginning with basic natal astrology, and then take you through, step-by-step to learn a wealth of astrological tradition and techniques, from the basic principles and how a chart is con... more

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Only Way to Learn Astrology: Vol 1 - Basic Principles


Here is a fresh, new look for an internationally popular classic! This first volume of the highly popular "Only Way' series, has been read, studied and recommended worldwide. It presents a proven, systematic and time-tested approach developed by two exper... more

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Only Way to Learn Astrology: Vol 2 - Math & Interpretation Techniques


Here is a wealth of interpretive material not easily found in other basic astrology books - far more than the math alone: Part 1 thoroughly explains the math of chart calculation. The third edition includes additional text using current references. ... more

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Only Way to Learn Astrology: Vol 3 - Horoscope Analysis


This book continues the tradition of Volumes 1 and 2 by presenting refinements of astrological interpretation, as well as the actual process of "putting it all together" into a meaninggul, informative analysis. Part 1 - Liberally sprinkled throughtout ... more

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Personal Astrological Life Calendar


This report was designed to be useful to anyone, even beginners who know little or no astrological jargon. The programming synthesizes planets in transit to your natal chart, so much of the intrepreted material is based on a combination of planetary them... more

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Personalized Astrology Lessons


These lessons offer you an opportunity to master the age-old discipline of astrology and will help empower you to look deeper into all the issues of your life. Enhance your self-esteem and discover your potential! Maritha Pottenger created these lessons t... more

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Pluto in the Signs, Houses, and Aspects


Pluto--Who is he? What can he tell you about YOU. Pluto, discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh is 9th planet from the Sun in our Solar System. He was demoted to "dwarf planet" after the 2006 discovery of Eris orbiting beyond him. He is followed by... more

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Uranus in Signs, Houses, and Aspects


The latest booklet in the All About Astrology series. This booklet raises the questions: Can a planet named George find happiness as the ruler of Aquarius, after being fought over by the British Angels? Should astronomers be allowed to name the p... more

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Your Magical Child - 3rd edition


Newly expanded 3rd Edition! Grandma added updated experiences for her children and grand children. Look up tables have been extended from 1985 - 2035. Sage Guidelines for "Star" Parents This book has everything you need to understand babies and chil... more

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