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Brother Pluto, Sister Eris

Thomas Canfield

Written as a follow-up to Yankee Doodle Discord, this book examines the Eris Frenemy principle in regard to Pluto. Covering 800 years of major Pluto aspects with Eris, the chapters take you from one historical event to another, pointing out that the deadliest wars have taken place with Eris and Pluto in cooperative aspects (semi-sextile, sextile, trine), and the least discord has taken place under challenging aspects (square, quincunx, opposition.) Eris-Pluto conjunctions tell a tale of treachery, which may have repercussions later on. Follow the history and the aspects, and you will see a pattern emerging with these two dwarf planets. If this were a criminal investigation, these two would be considered "persons of interest."

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Brother Pluto, Sister Eris $16.95

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