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Personalized Astrology Lessons

Maritha Pottenger

These lessons offer you an opportunity to master the age-old discipline of astrology and will help empower you to look deeper into all the issues of your life. Enhance your self-esteem and discover your potential! Maritha Pottenger created these lessons to help curious beginners understnad all the tools that astrology has to offer. With an activist approach to astrology, Maritha shows you how to create your future and the life you want!

Reinforce these lessons with actual homework assignments that test your knowledge! Please specify lesson numbers and have your full birth information ready when ordering.

All 32 lessons on one order with a black & white natal chart and notebook....PAL-ALL $99.95

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Calculations available during checkout: Natal
Data required during checkout: Chart Data (1 set)

Notebook only $6.72
1 PAL lesson $6.95
Any 6 PAL lessons $27.95
Personalized Astrology lessons-all $105.00

Email Only Versions

Some of our products, are available in "email only" versions.
We are able to offer these versions at a lower cost because we don't print and bind them as usual, and of course the shipping is free!

1 PAL lesson $6.95
Any 6 PAL lessons $27.95
Personalized Astrology lessons--all $99.95

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