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Your Magical Child - 3rd edition

Maria Kay Simms

Newly expanded 3rd Edition! Grandma added updated experiences for her children and grand children. Look up tables have been extended from 1985 - 2035.

Sage Guidelines for "Star" Parents

This book has everything you need to understand babies and children astrologically!

A magical world view, commen sense from practical experience and astrology are combined to help you understand the special needs of your child - how each child is born with magically unique qualities and a special individual style. Here you will discover how you, as a parent, can be the "adept" - supporting and encouraging your little "natural magician" toward the highest and happiest expression of his or her potential. Your Magical Child will help you improve relationship dynamics between yourself and your child - and it can give you greater insight into yourself through considering your own "inner child" too!

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Your Magical Child - 3rd edition $19.95

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