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Your Perfect Harmony

Written by Alan Hamilton, with illustrations by Marcella Kelly.

In this book, you'll see how your own Sun sign relates--or shall we say "harmonizes" with each of the other Sun signs in several ways, as shown in 15 Chapters, beginning with "Basic Music Theory", then on to "Same Sign, Different Personality", and other chapters such as "In or Out of Tune", "Third Part Harmony", "Your Not So Perfect Harmony", "Minor Chord", "the Major 7th."...and much more.

Whether your interest is in astrology or music or both, or if you're a beginner, advanced, or professional in either field, I think that (as I did), you'll find this book to be both interesting and fun! Whether or not we agree with Alan's "take" on every sign combination, or even that Sun signs alone are enough to judge, it is unique and fun how he combines various musical chord combinations with pairings of two signs.

Astrologers may enjoy guessing which aspect Alan had in mind for each of the sign combinations that he compares with musical chord combinations.

Marcella Kelly's many illustrations add greatly to the enjoyment of the book, as well as to one's understanding of music and the signs of the zodiac. You'll read about each sign pair in General Relationship, then in Love Relationship. Each chord combination offers a third sign as your "Rock", the sign that offers assistance when needed.

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