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Ardor, Assertion & Anger: Mars in Your Chart


Mars is the planet of energy; Mars is assertion; Mars is your physical vitality and that adrenalin rush. Mars is your sexual drive (and the courage and initiative to pursue the object of your desires). But, like all planets, Mars has both positive and ... more

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Art of Chart Comparision


One of the most common questions astrologers hear is: "Who should I marry?" or variations on that theme. Almost everyone is concerned about their relationships - whether romantic, parent to child, employer to employee, colleague to co-worker, child to par... more

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Ceres in Signs, Houses, Aspects


Ceres is a PLANET, and it's high time astrologers honored her as such! Most still use Ceres only in the company of her former sister asteroids, Pallas, Juno and Vesta. Why deny Ceres her elevated status? This new booklet by Simonne Murphy explores the m... more

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Chiron in Houses, Signs and Aspects


Chiron has been called a planetoid (small planet), and an asteroid [#2060] (although most asteroids orbit in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter). Currently, some astronomers theorize that Chiron is a former comet. We do know that it is a small bod... more

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Coalescent Horoscopes


Astrologers introduce new techniques almost as fast as the publishing houses can keep up. Usually these relate to a single natal chart or some kind of derived chart. Two-person charts are seldom considered. Coalescent horoscopes combine two natal charts t... more

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Complete Guide Establishing Professional Astrological Practice


The Complete Guide to Establishing a Professional Astrological Practice. Nuts and bolts advice on creating a professional image, setting up your office, scheduling appointments, handling fees and marketing your services. ... more

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East Point and the Antivertex


Interpretations of these two angle axes by sign, house, and aspect for individual and synastry charts. Generally, both the Antivertex and East Point function as auxiliary Ascendants - additional keys to themes of importance in our basic identity, our s... more

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Eris in Signs, Houses, Aspects


Eris is the new planet discovered in 2006 that was found to be larger than Pluto. The astronomers decided to create a new category of "dwarf planets." Then they demoted Pluto to the new category, and added Eris to it. They then decided to promote Ceres, t... more

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History of the Houses


Together with the planets and the signs of the zodiac, the houses constitute the third most important element in the construction and delineation of a horoscope. Along the lines of the historical surveys of the zodiac and the planets already published in ... more

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History of the Planets


The modern pursuit of horoscopic astrology is the metamorphosis of the religion of the pagan gods; that which in antiquity was sought in the heavens as the gods of the planets has become transforned to a search for the inner, human qualities represented b... more

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Interpreting Composite & Relationship Charts


Step by step "how to" on the different techniques used in composite and relationship charts.... more

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Juno: Key to Marriage, Intimacy & Partnership


One of the most common questions asked of astrologers is "What about my love life?" - or more specifically, When will I marry? What do I need in a partner? Is she the one for me? Is he my soul mate? Although Venus is usually considered the most importa... more

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Pluto in the Signs, Houses, and Aspects


Pluto--Who is he? What can he tell you about YOU. Pluto, discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh is 9th planet from the Sun in our Solar System. He was demoted to "dwarf planet" after the 2006 discovery of Eris orbiting beyond him. He is followed by... more

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Search for the Christmas Star


A complete ephemeris for 7 and 6 BC with commentary on Speculative birth dates for Jesus. Why this book? Every year, in the months preceeding Christmas, ACS Starcrafts receives a large number of requests for calculations of speculative charts for Jesu... more

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While there is evidence to suggest that there is at least one planet beyond Pluto, there is none for the physical existence of a body at the position calculated for Transpluto. Transpluto is an imaginary planet, a transiting sensitive point. The two main ... more

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Uranus in Signs, Houses, and Aspects


The latest booklet in the All About Astrology series. This booklet raises the questions: Can a planet named George find happiness as the ruler of Aquarius, after being fought over by the British Angels? Should astronomers be allowed to name the p... more

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What Are Astrolocality Maps?


This booklet explains the techniques behind Astro Map Analysis. The house cusps of a horoscope are determined by time of birth and place (latitude and longitude). Often, people have moved from their birthplace. We never lose our natal chart; it is always ... more

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What Are Winning Transits?


This booklet explains the work of Joyce Wehrman in her unique system of very detailed timing, minute by minute. Joyce tested her technique by taking it to the race tracks and casinos, and actually did quite well and prospered. It must be said, though, tha... more

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What Astrology Can Do For You


Astrology looks at the connections between you and the planets. The heavens are like a mirror - reflecting human drives, desires and tendencies. Understanding our drives (strengths and weaknesses) allows us to cope more successfully with our lives. Being ... more

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Wit & Wisdom: Mercury In Your Chart


In Maritha Pottenger's Wit & wisdom: Mercury in Your Chart, you will learn how to speak in order to best be heard, and find tips regarding compatibility in terms of communication styles. Complete interpretations of natal Mercury placements by sign are ... more

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Your Love Life: Venus in Your Chart


What attracts you in a relationship? How do you seek pleasure? How do you express love and affection? Whether looking for love or enhancing your current relationship, the answers for you (or your partner) can be found in the Venus placement in your birth ... more

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Zodiac: A Historical Survey, The


Astrology could be described as the study of correspondences between cosmic patterns and human experience. These cosmic patterns are differentiated primarily in three ways: according to the relationships of the various planets (including the Sun and Moon)... more

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Zodiac Gift Guide


Gift ideas for Sun Signs. Astrology can help you decide! Learn about your intended recipient's zodiac Sun Sign personality. Learn the importance of the Elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Read about a wide range of gift ideas to appeal to each sign--you... more

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