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Ceres in Signs, Houses, Aspects

Simonne Murphy

Ceres is a PLANET, and it's high time astrologers honored her as such! Most still use Ceres only in the company of her former sister asteroids, Pallas, Juno and Vesta. Why deny Ceres her elevated status? This new booklet by Simonne Murphy explores the mythology of Ceres and how she works in charts

In 2006, Eris was discovered orbiting beyond Pluto, and was found to be larger than Pluto. What to do? The astronomers decided to create a new "dwarf planet" category, to which they demoted Pluto, added Eris and then decided to elevate Ceres to the new category. That was over six years ago, and still barely any astrologers use Ceres in their charts as a planet�only as one of the "four major asteroids." Why is this? Ceres can be added to any chart Astro Computing Services offers FREE...we are very puzzled why so few customers take advantage of this. Now, though, we have a new booklet to encourage readers to get to know and use Ceres in charts as the planet she now is.

In this, her first published book, Simonne Murphy, a valued member of the staff at Starcrafts LLC, Astro Computing Servics, explores the mythology, history and the astrological interpretation of Ceres, including short interpretations for what Ceres might mean in your chart by sign, house and in aspect to other planets. She also offers two detailed interpretive example charts, as well as several others with short interpretive observations. Look up YOUR Ceres in this new booklet! Let's all welcome her as a planet!

Cere is also available as an e-book. Just paste the link below into your web browser:

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Ceres in Signs, Houses, Aspects $8.95

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