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International Atlas

Thomas Shanks

This latest volume contains latitudes, longitudes, time change and time zone information for the entire world, *except the United States, and cross-references to both old and new country names. This major contribution to reference literature provides accurate information for anyone researching historical or geographical data - a must for every library!

Time changes have been a source of confusion for historians in the modern world. Too often, the question "What kind of time was it then?" has no good answer. Thomas Shanks' extensive research of libraries and maps, combined with ongoing internaitonal correspondence to update and verify current information has contributed to the highest accuracy in international time change and time zone information.

Get the book professionsals rely on -
Over 100,000 Birthplaces
Time changes and zone changes from 1850 to 2010
Simple, easy to follow tables
Cross references
Translations in English, French, German and Spanish
Companion to the *American Atlas and the American Ephemeris series
Complete clock setting history

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