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Planetary Heredity

Michel Gauquelin

Over one hundred years ago, Gregor Mendel discovered the fundamental laws of genetic heredity. His work was too revolutionary for the authorities of that time to accept. But, today, Nobel prizes are numerous in the science of genetics.

Michel Gauquelin may have made a discovery of the same nature. Through extremely hard work (gathering birth data of more than 100,000 deliveries) he has demonstrated that we were born under similar cosmic conditions as prevailed at the birth of our parents. Thus, he is the founder of a new genetic science. Mendel, an obscure monk working with plants, discovered patterns of human heredity. Gauquelin graphs a relationship between human heredity and the stars.

Michel Gauquelin wanted to test scientifically whether there is some truth in astrology. As many researchers before him, he has seen that the intuition of ancient authors was revealing a truth more amazing and more fruitful than the legends.

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