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Witch's Circle

Maria Kay Simms

The Witch's Circle is a serious Wiccan Book of Shadows that will teach you to incorporate the archetypes of astrology into your practice. Wicca and astrology together create a potent tool for understanding the dualities of the Wheel of the Year - and for expressing them in powerful new ways.

The Witch's Circle is the only book of rituals that incorporates the deep insights of astrology to unlock the ancient spiritual mysteries of Wicca. This unique joining of Wicca and astrology is key to deciphering the hidden symbolish of Wicca and enriching your spiritual practice.

Written by a High Priestess-astrologer of an active Wiccan coven, these living rituals are the first of their kind. Practice them to express the vital energy underlying each Pagan celebration - and to experience Wicca more fully than you ever have before.

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Witch's Circle $11.95

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