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Calendar Transits


A thorough listing of all aspects to the natal chart, from six months to a year. Printed in a block calendar format, the sheets offer easy reading for scanning certain days for the transits. A good resource for those interested in following transits on a... more

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Calendar Transits (no Moon)


A planetary listing of the transits to the natal chart, without the Moon. The listing can run from six months to a year. The sheets are printed in a block calendar format, with each day giving the planetary positions. A tool for those who examine transit... more

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Micro Mini Astrologer for 2020


State of the art data in an easy to use mini calendar format, spiral bound. All Data given in Date, Time, Degree, and Minutes. Lunations Table Listing all Phase Times, Dates, Positions, and Midpoints. Aspeciarian includes Parallels and Contrapara... more

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Moon Transit Calendar


Moon Transit Calendar shows the aspects of the transiting moon to natal planets. Offers the same information as the Moon Transit List, but in an easy to read calendar format. A must for students of lunar astrology.... more

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Personal Astrological Life Calendar


This report was designed to be useful to anyone, even beginners who know little or no astrological jargon. The programming synthesizes planets in transit to your natal chart, so much of the intrepreted material is based on a combination of planetary them... more

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