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1-Ring (8 color) Chart Package (Natal only, aspects, key sheet)


This special one-ring 8-color chart was designed by Patty McPhie who was Astro's chart servces manager back in the 1990s. She wanted a chart that had all the special things drawn in that she liked to work with, and this chart was the result. It turned ... more

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1-Ring (Color) Student Chart


1-Ring color student chart (10 glyphs only)... more

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1-Ring Magical Child Chart (Color, Natal only)


This Magical Child chart does not have the art features of the Your Magical Child Art Chart�the child-style zodiac character cartoon and fancy chart wheel�but it does have all the same listings of planets by sign, house and aspects (sorted i... more

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1-Ring Wheel Chart Color Star


One ring color chart with star in center. The four colors are based on elemental symbolism: Green for Earth Signs, Dark Blue for Water Signs, Red for Fire Signs, and Light Blue for Air Signs.... more

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1-Ring Wheel - Color Aspectarian


One-Ring wheel color chart with aspect lines in center. The colors are based on the elemental symbolism of the signs, with green for Earth, dark blue for Water, red for Fire, and light blue for Air.... more

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2-Ring Concentric Wheel Chart - Color


Two-Ring concentric wheel color chart, used for comparing transits, progressions, solar returns, lunar returns, and Solar Arc directions to the natal chart. Can also be used in comparison of two natal charts. Colors are based on the elemental symbolism of... more

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3-Ring Concentric Wheel Chart - Color


A three-ring color chart which is best used for comparing the natal chart with progressions, transits, solar returns, lunar returns, or Solar Arc directions. The natal chart is usually placed in the center. The three-ring chart can also be used for compar... more

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45 degree Graphic Ephemeris (Color, natal & transits)


Developed by the Ebertin Cosmobiology School in Germany, the Graphic Ephemeris is another way to look at the transits. The graphs most used at in the 45 degree format, which makes all 45 degree aspects look like conjunctions. The curved lines on the graph... more

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Biorhythms Color Chart


This color chart provides a 6 month look at Biorythm cycles, and includes a critical day list.... more

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Blank Chart Wheels


A set of 25 blank chart wheels for you to use to create your own charts.... more

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Celestial Sphere


This chart demonstrates the graphic concepts of Celestial Longitude, Celestial Latitude, Right Ascension, Declination, Azimuth, and Altitude. The Earth is in the center of the Sphere, and the base circle is the Horizon. The plane of the Horizon touches th... more

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Dial Chart


The color Dial charts are intended for use with 90 degree and 360 degree dials. Our laminated dials 90 degree or 360 degree dials are sized to fit them, or it is possible to obtain plastic or metal dials from other sources. Dials are special tools used fo... more

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Local Space Chart


A color chart that positions the planets in relation to the compass points of a specific location. This chart can be placed over a map for understanding planetary positions over a certain area.... more

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Magical Child Art Chart (no poem)


This version of our Magical Child Art Charts does not include the poem. It has the same general design as our other Art Charts, in that the name of the person for whom the chart is calculated appears above the chart wheel and the full birth data is print... more

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Magical Child Art Chart with Poem (Color, Natal only)


This Magical Child Art Chart makes a colorful addition to any child's room. It has often been ordered as a gift for new Moms! The child's Sun Sign character appears in the center of the chart, and his or her name is printed just above the chart. The Sun ... more

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Silhouette Art Chart


This striking and classic zodiac art series was originally designed by Phil Morgavo while he was employed by Astro several years ago when the company was still active in San Diego. The designs have been and still are available as free downloadable desktop... more

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Whimsey Art Charts


This Art Chart set, by Maria Kay Simms, shows the 12 signs of the zodiac in a whimsical cartoon style. Charts are printed in full, bright colors. You can order the chart only, a print of it on paper, or you can order it in an Art Mat. Select either th... more

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Z-Toons Art Charts


The Z-Toons Art Charts Chart only - $9.95 Chart matted and ready to frame - $24.95 Our Z-Toons Art Charts are sassy and fun! Express yourself or gift a friend! Click on the PDF to view pictures of each chart center. The outer rings will ... more

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