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Compatibility Profile - Business Colleagues

Maritha Pottenger

The Compatibility Profile evaluates the relationship potential between you and the other person, based on your birth horoscopes and a comparison between them. Birth information for two people is required.

First you'll read an overview of each person's personality, with specific emphasis on what each of you wants in a relationship. Then the report discusses how each of you impacts the other, and what strengths and challenges are in your relationship.

This report is synthesized with the same highly sophistaced computer programming as the Planetary Profile. It can be run for various types of relationships, with appropriately altered text for each.

As you read any of the report variations for yourself and another individual, you will become more aware of your own needs and also of those of the other person involved. You'll see how your interactions affect each other, and how you can improve the relationship.

Each report variation is approximately 20 pages in length.

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Calculations available during checkout: Natal
Data required during checkout: Chart Data (1 set), Chart Data (2nd set)

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