Notes about the Fixed Stars - Information Special

David Dukelow

The Fixed Star report gives you an inexpensive way to explore an interesting and little-known side of astrology. In these notes you'll learn about the format of the report and some of the details about how it is calculated. An example, with birth data included, and some references, will be given.

At the top of the Fixed Star report you’ll find the native’s birthdata; the second line shows you the house system used and the kind of chart that the report is calculated for, i. e. natal, solar return, progressed chart, etc. Next comes some technical information. In two large columns you’ll find the names of 110 of the most commonly used fixed stars. Their names are not given in alphabetical order; rather, they are given in zodiacal order. Along with their position in the zodiac for the time the chart was drawn up is their latitude (LAT), shown in degrees and minutes of a sign. This is either north or south of the ecliptic, the imaginary path of the sun through the stars. You also see the houses that the stars occupy. Note that just as some of your natal planets may change house placement when you change house systems, so some of the fixed stars may also change houses. (Use the house system that you resonate with.)

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