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Facets of You


This report is the perfect choice for a beginner, and is a great way to sample Astro's three most popular reports. "Gleams from Your Horoscope" has the basics about your natal chart from "Spotlight on You." "Sparkles from your Basic Identity", fr... more

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Future Sign Transit Aspect list


This list is for readers of Maria Kay Simms, who have studied her book "Future Signs". It shows current transits to your natal chart and you can use the book to look up the meanings. It gives all of your transits to natal planets: planet ingresses into ho... more

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Passing Fancies


This report is by Bill Pottenger, brother of Rique and Maritha, who obviously has a sardonic sense of humor. If you do too, you'll love this report. If you don't, well, we warned you! "Passing Fancies" is filled with zany aphorisms, tongue-in-cheek commen... more

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Personal Astrological Life Calendar


This report was designed to be useful to anyone, even beginners who know little or no astrological jargon. The programming synthesizes planets in transit to your natal chart, so much of the intrepreted material is based on a combination of planetary them... more

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Planetary Guide to Your Future


Astro's best-selling report is a day-by-day planning guide which delivers valuable insights into the upcoming trends in your life. Discover what kinds of opportunities and experiences are likely as the planets transit the houses of your chart and make asp... more

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Progressed Profile


You have the power to create your own future - to take control of seemingly random events. Progressed Profile gives you an outline of the year ahead using secondary progressions, and helps you plan your choices and decisions. It offers examples of the neg... more

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This comprehensive guide, based on Steven Forrest's highly successful book, The Changing Sky, enlightens and empowers you to create the future of your dreams. Skylog includes both transits and progressions in one report. Prosperity, success, good health -... more

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Time for Love


Will you find your soulmate? Is there romance in the stars? Whether you're currently single or in a committed relationship, the Time for Love report can help you to find the perfect partner or choose dates that are the most promising for developing or enh... more

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Your Future: Outer Planet Transits


This report is a good choice for your first interpreted report involving current patterns because it uses the astrological tool that is generally the easiest for people to understand and immediately relate to how they feel: the longer-term transits of the... more

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Your Month Ahead


What issues and choices are you likely to face in the next month? A chart for the exact moment the Moon returns to the same degree and minute as the Moon in your birth chart provides answers. This Interpreted Lunar Return report discusses what might happe... more

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Your Year Ahead


See how you will shine in the year following your birthday - your personal "new year!" The chart for the exact moment your Sun returns to the same degree and minute as in your birth chart provides a unique look at issues you are likely to face in the ... more

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