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Facets of You

Maritha Pottenger
Zipporah Pottenger-Dobyns
Maria Kay Simms

This report is the perfect choice for a beginner, and is a great way to sample Astro's three most popular reports.

"Gleams from Your Horoscope" has the basics about your natal chart from "Spotlight on You."

"Sparkles from your Basic Identity", from "Planetary Profile", provides your primary strengths, weaknesses and karmic lessons.

"Glints from your Future", excerpts from "Planetary Guide to Your Future" your current long-term transits, New and Full Moon and day-to-day aspects for this lunar period. Get a "multi-faceted" look into what you are and what your future holds. (approx. 15 pages)

You can choose from 5 options: Identity, Work, Relationships, Sex, or Money

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