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American Ephemeris 2007-2020


Longitude, Declination, Latitude and Daily Aspectarian This lightweight, large format ephemeris is your ideal companion volume for "The New American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, 2000-2100 at Midnight". In this book, for the year of publication t... more

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Astrology for Career Success


Subtitled "How to Analyze Career Choices and Timing," this book, by an experienced astrological consultant who has specialized in career counseling, is a significant contribution to "how to" books about astrology. Here you will find detailed case studie... more

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Chocolate Sauce


If you've learned from and liked Plain Vanilla, you'll also want Chocolate Sauce! This is Pat Geisler's follow up book to Plain Vanilla and has many fewer pages - only 66.....But within these pages you'll find solid information and advice based on Pat'... more

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Complete Guide Establishing Professional Astrological Practice


The Complete Guide to Establishing a Professional Astrological Practice. Nuts and bolts advice on creating a professional image, setting up your office, scheduling appointments, handling fees and marketing your services. ... more

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Converse Secondary Progressions & Converse Solar Arc Directions.


What are Converse Secondary Progressions? Regular Secondary Progressions are found by taking an Ephemeris, finding the line of your birth date, and then count down the lines for each year after you were born. Converse Secondary Progressions operate on the... more

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Plain Vanilla Astrologer, The


The Plain Vanilla Astrologer The title is a nickname given to Pat Geisler by her students. It speaks to her basic no-nonsense approach to astrology that has made her a popular teacher for decades. Within this book is your opportunity to learn a wide vari... more

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