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Astrological Discoveries


Writing Patterns for Analysis and Rectification. Within this book you will find a wealth of interesting astrological and spiritual topics. First among them is how an author's horoscope and birth data can be discovered through analysis of his or her pat... more

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Easy Tarot Guide


This popular and best-selling Tarot book is in an Expanded New Edition! Marcia Masino has substantially added to her valuable question and answer section from her vast experience as a Tarot advisor and instructor. Additionally, Marcia presents an entirely... more

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Mystical Card Reading Handbook


The Mystical Card Reading Handbook by Lady Deane is a how-to manual for Card Reading, using a standard deck of 52 playing cards. It includes when to do a reading (as well as when not to), the various types of readings, and how to interpret the cards for... more

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Palmistry Textbook, The


This is the palmistry book for you! Whether you are an interested beginner or an experienced advisor in the helping-healing professions, you'll find this book to be a fascinating read, as well as a useful tool for personality and psychological insight... more

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Spirit Guides


The message of this book is that we are not alone, that we are surrounded at all times by love and support. The aim of this book is to help readers find their way back "Home" to the love which is there whenever we choose to experience it. Iris Bellh... more

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Tarot Report


The text of this report describes card symbolism (according to the Rider-Waite deck) and how it relates to your life. A spread diagram is shown, but due to copyright issues the actual card images can not be shown. Astrological correspondences are given wi... more

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Twelve Wings of the Eagle


Our Spiritual Evolution through the Ages of the Zodiac. In a light, conversational style, the author has traced the spiritual evolution of western civilization through the precessional ages of history and a detailed study of the biblical Genesis. Her n... more

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Witch's Circle


The Witch's Circle is a serious Wiccan Book of Shadows that will teach you to incorporate the archetypes of astrology into your practice. Wicca and astrology together create a potent tool for understanding the dualities of the Wheel of the Year - and for ... more

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Your Past Lives


Do you think you may have lived before? Have you gone somewhere new and felt you'd been there before? Or met someone you felt you already knew? Past lives can explain so many mysteries, and may help with understanding and healing of previously perplexing... more

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