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Asteroid Goddesses Report


The four major asteroids in your chart; Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno, and Vesta provide you with valuable insight into your personal nurturing style, relationships, career, sexuality and spiritual growth. This report describes your sign and house placement ... more

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Asteroid Report


This report interprets the four major asteroids (Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas Athena) plus Chiron in your birth chart. You'll learn their symbolic meaning and how they operate in your horoscope. Receive new insight into your personality and how you inte... more

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Body & Soul


Learn how to improve yourself physically and mentally in this comprehensive report based on medical astrology. The horoscope does not diagnose illness; it does provide insight into constitution, healing potential, metabolism, and pathological tendencies, ... more

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Just a Taste


It's just a few pages of interpretation of a natal chart, but just enough to pique the interest of someone who is new to Astrology. It could be just the thing to get the attention of a friend you'd like to introduce to Astrology, and it costs no more than... more

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Just for Women


Especially written for women, this report will provide insight into your own needs, as well as how you experience life's joys and challenges differently than a man would. This intimate tour of your natal chart clearly shows you the full range of talents a... more

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Personalized Astrology Lessons


These lessons offer you an opportunity to master the age-old discipline of astrology and will help empower you to look deeper into all the issues of your life. Enhance your self-esteem and discover your potential! Maritha Pottenger created these lessons t... more

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Professional Profile


This report shows what you need for career satisfaction. Here is an ideal gift for a young person who is choosing a college major, a new graduate about to enter the work force, or an adult who is contemplating a career change. Based on the natal chart, it... more

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Sky Within


This report takes you on a personal journey to discover the endless universe of potential within you! You'll learn of your planets, Ascendant, and nodes by house and sign as well as your areas of heightened acitivity. Major themes of your personal birth c... more

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Spotlight on You


Quite often, you can be so overwhelmed by all of the information in a chart that you just don't know how to balance and make sense of it. This report does just that--it spotlights the things in your horoscope that make up your basic personality. Discover... more

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Spotlight On Your Year


Spotlight On Your Year summarizes major themes that are coming up in your chart. It is written with the 12-letter system that Zip Dobyns and Maritha Pottenger developed, and is explained in detail in Maritha's book "Astrology, the Next Step". The lette... more

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Your Astro Analysis


Begin to learn astrology using your own horoscope are a guide! "Your Astro Analysis" gives you a complete description of your personality, talents, stengths and areas for personal growth, while teaching you the basics of astrology. Learn in detail abo... more

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Your Magical Child report


Your child is born with his or her own special magic in unique personality characteristics, style, and talents that in young children may not be all that easy to spot, especially if you're primarily looking for your own expectations. Astrology can help yo... more

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Your Past Lives


Do you think you may have lived before? Have you gone somewhere new and felt you'd been there before? Or met someone you felt you already knew? Past lives can explain so many mysteries, and may help with understanding and healing of previously perplexing... more

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Your Planetary Profile


This report, one of ACS' best selling for many years, is an in-depth analysis of the birth horoscope, revealing your strengths, challenges, and motivations in life areas such as: basic identity, mind, communication, career, money, relationships, sexuality... more

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Your Spiritual Path


Each of us has the potential to develop along psychic, intuitive and spiritual lines into the person who best suits our natural gifts. When you develop along the lines reflected by your astrological chart, the fullest expression of natural potential is po... more

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