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360 Degree Aspect Scan


A complete listing of the number of degrees between all bodies in a chart. The pages give four dozen minor aspects between planets, asteroids, and other bodies. Starting with the 0 Aries point, the scan sheet goes through the complete circle of the zodia... more

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45 degree Graphic Ephemeris (Color, natal & transits)


Developed by the Ebertin Cosmobiology School in Germany, the Graphic Ephemeris is another way to look at the transits. The graphs most used at in the 45 degree format, which makes all 45 degree aspects look like conjunctions. The curved lines on the graph... more

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Astrodynes calculations


Astrodynes, developed by the Brotherhood o fLight in the 1940s, are a procedure for summarizing and quantifying planetary interactions that has been fairly widely used among astrologers. (It is one of several approaches to the weighting of factors. Anothe... more

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Astrolocality Map


The Astrolocality Map shows area maps with lines marking conjunctions, squares, oppositions, trines, and sextiles of the natal planets with the four major chart angles. Lines of each aspect will show which areas have the best potential for a possible move... more

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Biorhythm Chart


Biorhythm charts illustrate the principle that we are influenced by physical, emotional and intellectual cycles. Many people report that they can improve the highs and lows of these cycles and act accordingly. This black-and-white chart is done by the mon... more

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Biorhythms Color Chart


This color chart provides a 6 month look at Biorythm cycles, and includes a critical day list.... more

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Calendar Transits


A thorough listing of all aspects to the natal chart, from six months to a year. Printed in a block calendar format, the sheets offer easy reading for scanning certain days for the transits. A good resource for those interested in following transits on a... more

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Calendar Transits (no Moon)


A planetary listing of the transits to the natal chart, without the Moon. The listing can run from six months to a year. The sheets are printed in a block calendar format, with each day giving the planetary positions. A tool for those who examine transit... more

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Celestial Sphere


This chart demonstrates the graphic concepts of Celestial Longitude, Celestial Latitude, Right Ascension, Declination, Azimuth, and Altitude. The Earth is in the center of the Sphere, and the base circle is the Horizon. The plane of the Horizon touches th... more

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Converse Secondary Progressions & Converse Solar Arc Directions.


What are Converse Secondary Progressions? Regular Secondary Progressions are found by taking an Ephemeris, finding the line of your birth date, and then count down the lines for each year after you were born. Converse Secondary Progressions operate on the... more

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Dial Chart


The color Dial charts are intended for use with 90 degree and 360 degree dials. Our laminated dials 90 degree or 360 degree dials are sized to fit them, or it is possible to obtain plastic or metal dials from other sources. Dials are special tools used fo... more

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Dynamic Astrograph


Mostly used for Stock Market studies, the Dynamic Astrograph plots the motion of a planet (usually Jupiter) on a graph chart, showing the high and low points of the annual period. A Jupiter Astrograph with a high point is supposed to be a good time for in... more

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Future Sign Transit Aspect list


This list is for readers of Maria Kay Simms, who have studied her book "Future Signs". It shows current transits to your natal chart and you can use the book to look up the meanings. It gives all of your transits to natal planets: planet ingresses into ho... more

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Hindu Chart


The Hindu chart (also called a Rasi chart) is a square natal chart done with the Lahiri Sidereal Selected Ayanamsha and Shad Bala. There are other Ayanamshas that can be programmed with the chart, including Fagan, Deluce, Raman, Usha-Shashi, Krisnamurti, ... more

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Horary Chart (B&W; special Horary info w/wheel)


Horary astrology chart for seeking solutions for on-the-spot problems. The chart is set for the time the question is asked.... more

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Laminated Dials


We provide a large variety of graphic chart formats, such as the dial charts used for Cosmobiology and Uranian astrology. Laminated dials are available that will fit the dial charts produced from Astro's computing service. Dials and dial charts are availa... more

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Local Space Chart


A color chart that positions the planets in relation to the compass points of a specific location. This chart can be placed over a map for understanding planetary positions over a certain area.... more

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Lunar Return Summary with Chart


A chart and two-page summary for the Moon returning to the natal position each month, with planetary positions of the lunar return compared to natal chart positions.... more

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Moon Transit Calendar


Moon Transit Calendar shows the aspects of the transiting moon to natal planets. Offers the same information as the Moon Transit List, but in an easy to read calendar format. A must for students of lunar astrology.... more

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Moon Transit List


Moon Transits List is a listing of lunar transits to planets in your natal chart. The transiting Moon is shown under the appropriate natal planet column so that the transits to a natal planet are listed in the same column. A three-degree orb is used for ... more

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Outer Planet Transit chart or list


A chart showing the movements of the outer planets in relation to your natal chart over a one-year period. Can be done in Graphic format or List format.... more

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