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Arabic Parts


The Arabic Parts are calculated points of sensitivity in the horoscope using mathematically based midpoints between the planets and the angles. The system was devised by Arabian Astrologers, and picked up by European Astrologers during the Renaissance. S... more

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Asteroid Aspects (page)


A list providing planetary aspects with the four major Asteroids, and the midpoint positions between the planets and Asteroids.... more

Asteroids + 15 more


A listing of Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Chiron PLUS 15 addition Asteroids: Dudu, Dembwska, Pittsbrg, Frigga, Psyche, Urania, Pandora, Sappho, Eros, Hidalgo, Lilith, Amor, Icarus, Toro and Diana... more



For students of Vedic Astrology, who may buy the Hindu chart, the Balas (Graha and Bhava) are lists of Planet and House strengths. ... more

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Blank Chart Wheels


A set of 25 blank chart wheels for you to use to create your own charts.... more

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Chart Comparison


A grid showing the aspects between two charts, mainly used for Synastry work in studying relationships.... more

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Converse Secondary Progressions & Converse Solar Arc Directions.


What are Converse Secondary Progressions? Regular Secondary Progressions are found by taking an Ephemeris, finding the line of your birth date, and then count down the lines for each year after you were born. Converse Secondary Progressions operate on the... more

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Daily Progressions


A five-year listing of Progressions to the natal chart, based on the calculation that each year counts as one line of the ephemeris, counting down from the natal line.... more

Fertility Report


A black-and-white one-year transit report marking a woman's most fertile times during a monthly period. The report can not be relocated, but uses the time zone where the woman resides. This report can not be Precession Corrected.... more

Fixed Stars


A list of 110 Fixed Stars, giving their Longitude and Latitude positions, as well as aspects to the bodies in your natal chart (using a 1 degree orb.) If you ever wondered how DSCHUBBA or SINISTRA were aspecting your planets, this sheet will show you.... more

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Future Sign Transit Aspect list


This list is for readers of Maria Kay Simms, who have studied her book "Future Signs". It shows current transits to your natal chart and you can use the book to look up the meanings. It gives all of your transits to natal planets: planet ingresses into ho... more

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Lifetime Lunar Phases


A list of the various progressed Moon Phases that take place during your lifetime. Based on the work by Dane Rudhyar.... more

Lunar Return Summary (2-3 pg interp)


Two-page summary for the Moon's return to the natal position each month, comparing planetary positions of the lunar return to natal chart positions.... more

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Many Interesting Asteroids Assorted (alphabetical by name, 4 pgs)


A four-page listing of 200 Asteroids and their positions in your natal chart, based upon an alphabetical listing of the Asteroid names.... more

Many Interesting Asteroids (sort by zodiacal order, 2 pages)


A two-page listing of 200 Asteroids and how they fit into your natal chart, based on Zodiacal order.... more

Midpoint Structures


A listing of planetary midpoints in a natal chart, used for locating the most sensitive areas of transits.... more

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Moon Transit List


Moon Transits List is a listing of lunar transits to planets in your natal chart. The transiting Moon is shown under the appropriate natal planet column so that the transits to a natal planet are listed in the same column. A three-degree orb is used for ... more

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Outer Planet Transit chart or list


A chart showing the movements of the outer planets in relation to your natal chart over a one-year period. Can be done in Graphic format or List format.... more

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Power of Eight Report


Programmed by Rique Pottenger, this report is keyed to the book by Maria Kay Simms, "Astrology and the Power of Eight." Each report has six pages: Page 1 lists name, birth date, time and place, followed by a list of natal positions keyed to chapters i... more

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Progressions (5 Year List)


A list of progressed planets in five year increments. You can get up to 85 years of progressions.... more

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Solar Arc Directions


A five year listing of Solar Arc Directions compared to the natal chart, based on the formula of a degree-for-a-day advancement of the natal positions.... more

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Solar Return Summary (2 pages) No Chart


A brief description of the Solar Return chart, with explanations of the major aspects.... more

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Transit List (No Moon, Full Planet Transits)


Planetary Transits (without the Moon) compared to natal positions, in a List Format covering a period of six months or one year.... more

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Winning Overview


If you don't want to do all the work of figuring out which planets are your gambling planets and what is being activated when, the Winning Overview is for you. Each Winning Overview covers a one month period. The active factors in your natal chart are lis... more

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Winning Transits


Winning Transits is a special type of transit report used for gambling and speculation. Use Winning Transits for the day or days that look best for a particular location where the action will take place. This is a one day report.... more

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Winning Transits - Simplified


For the individual who is not trained in astrology, ACS offers Simplified Winning Transits. This version does not give any of the astrological factors or details. Each minute of a day is listed, with codes for either major positive, minor positive, major ... more

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