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Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Future

Rique Pottenger
Zipporah Pottenger-Dobyns
Maria Kay Simms
Maritha Pottenger

All ACS Software is now upgraded to run on Windows XP, Vista or 7 and includes the full ACS Atlas database in encrypted format. The Nodes, formerly an "add-on" are now included within all Electronic Astrologer programs and upgrade CDs.

Calculate and read a comprehensive guide to your future based on secondary progressions and transits. Select a time period (day/month/year) and your choices of several options to view or print extensive, detailed interpretive material. Again, a quick click on anything and you have a pop-up explanation of it.

Learn about:

Transits to natal planets

Progressed to progressed planets

Progressed to natal planets

Lunations and eclipses

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Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Future $74.95

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