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Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Horoscope

Rique Pottenger
Maritha Pottenger

All ACS Software is now upgraded to run on Windows XP, Vista or 7 and includes the full ACS Atlas database in encrypted format. The Nodes, formerly an "add-on" are now included within all Electronic Astrologer programs and upgrade CDs.

Calculate the horoscope for anyone for whom you have birth data, and then view or print the chart and an interpreted report of up to 50 pages in length. (Options allow you to select which portions to print.) You can click on any planet, sign or house aspect - and see a pop-up interpretation of it. Click with ? on most anything and receive a pop-up explanation. Learn about:

Planets by sign and house

Planet to planet aspects

Signs on house cusps

House rulers by sign and placement

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Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Horoscope $74.95

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