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Introducing Intrepid - Full feature software for either Mac or Windows!
This software by Jeffrey Close of Astrological Bureau of Ideas has beautiful graphics with all the features a professional astrologer could want. It is also highly affordable at only $175. And, you get two hours of FREE video training. The full ACS Atlas is built in. Besides allowing you to do all types of charts - natal, progressed, directed, etc, to which you can add numerous extras (asteroids, TNP's, planetary nodes and more), there are other features unique to Intrepid. It's the only home software we've heard of - especially for Mac users - that offers such a huge variety of options.

Intrepid can now be purchased as a download, and a CD-ROM is not necessary for installation.

(NOTE: At this time, only Intrepid for MAC is available for purchase. Intrepid for PC is not available until further notice.)

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Intrepid $175.00

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