Eris in Signs, Houses, Aspects

Thomas Canfield

Eris is the new planet discovered in 2006 that was found to be larger than Pluto. The astronomers decided to create a new category of "dwarf planets." Then they demoted Pluto to the new category, and added Eris to it. They then decided to promote Ceres, the largest of the asteroids orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, to the new category.

Eris was named for a Greek Goddess of Discord, whose mother was Nyx, the goddess of night. In this booklet, Thomas Canfield, who earlier wrote the book, Yankee Doodle Discord, tracing the aspects of Eris through 200 years of US historical charts, offers interpretations for Eris in natal charts by sign, house and aspect. Since Eris moves very slowly, the section on Eris in signs actually is compared to astrological ages from the 1300s to the present�and future into 2050. For Eris in houses and in aspect to other planets, his interpretations can be applied to personal natal charts.

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