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1-Ring Wheel Chart Color Star


One ring color chart with star in center. The four colors are based on elemental symbolism: Green for Earth Signs, Dark Blue for Water Signs, Red for Fire Signs, and Light Blue for Air Signs.... more

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Wedding Report


This short report helps you choose the perfect time for your wedding day by analyzing each of the planetary positions of the day you select. This suggests style, mood and general trends of the day selected, so it is especially useful if you are undecided ... more

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Your Planetary Profile


This report, one of ACS' best selling for many years, is an in-depth analysis of the birth horoscope, revealing your strengths, challenges, and motivations in life areas such as: basic identity, mind, communication, career, money, relationships, sexuality... more

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Your Spiritual Path


Each of us has the potential to develop along psychic, intuitive and spiritual lines into the person who best suits our natural gifts. When you develop along the lines reflected by your astrological chart, the fullest expression of natural potential is po... more

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Your Starway to Love


Better Romance with Astrology Comapre yourself to potential partners on six different dimensions. Self Esteem - How each praises (or doesn't!) the other. Risk taking tendencies. Emotional neediness and vulnerability - What "feeds" (nourishes) each of... more

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Zodiac Gift Guide


Gift ideas for Sun Signs. Astrology can help you decide! Learn about your intended recipient's zodiac Sun Sign personality. Learn the importance of the Elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Read about a wide range of gift ideas to appeal to each sign--you... more

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