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Gayle has been called the "practical astrologer" because she deals with the day-to-day situations that affect all of us. An experienced consulting astrologer, she's worked with astrology for over 35 years. Her academic degrees include a BA in History for Californian State University, and the has two paralegal certificates (in corporations and litigations) from University of West Los Angeles School of Law. She currently lives in Los Angeles. 

Gayle feels that rather  than focusing on negatives in her astrological counseling, she explains how to work with and through them, emphasizing the positive while showing how one must dig into a chart to find opportunity, be it for family bonding or another area of life. 

As author, Gayle has many published articles—in Aspect Magazine, in The Regulus Ebertin Newsletter (Australia), in Today's Astrologer, published by American Federation of Astrologers, and in the Baltimore Chapter, NCGR, newsletter and in national NCGR's Memberletter and the NCGR Journal.  Gayle's books include Creative Step-Parenting, published by American Federation of Astrologers, and Pathways to Success, published by ACS Publications when it was in San Diego. She co-authored (with Barbara Hawkins) Astrology at a Glance: A Guide for Astrological Delineation, which is a classroom guide published by American Federation of Astrologers. 

Gayle's new  book, a March 2012 release, is Astrology for Career Success: How to to Analyze Career Choices and Timing. It is  based on her earlier book, Pathways to Success, but where the prior book was pointed toward beginners, this new version is more pointedly focused on the counseling process and includes detailed case studies featuring intermediate to advanced techniques in analysis. It is a truly practical approach that assumes at least an intermediate level reader, and makes the counseling process come alive. 


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