Pat Geisler

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Pat Geisler began studying astrology in 1958, an era when astrology books were as foreign as gardening instructions on Mars, and read everything she could lay her hands on. It took her more than 6 months to teach herself to cast a chart with house cusp corrections using what few second-hand books she could find.

She began teaching, lecturing and consulting work in 1969 and put in nearly full time hours as the years went on, despite also working full time as a journalist.

In the newspaper field she earned awards at state and national levels for writing, editing and sports photography. She workds as a reporter, copy editor, Metro editor and Sunday editor for her newspaper before retiring in 1996.

In astrology she taught non-credit courses on tow community college compuses, held seminars at two others and was active in private tutoring. She was among the first in the nation to teach courses on college campuses. She lectured everywhere she could find a podium, from state and national astrology groups to educational groups.

Her television and radionwork was primarily in northern Ohio, where she was a regular on various programs. Her consulting practice was extensive and included many clients abroad.

She is a member of AFAN, NCGR and ISAR and served a term as a member of the national Steering Committee for AFAN. She also served on the UAC board for the Orland conference in 2002. She was active in AFAN's mentoring program.

She is a widow with  four accomplished children and five exceptional grandchildren. She lives near Grafton, Ohio.


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