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Samantha Marshall, an inspirational motivator in the human potentail movement, has also been an entrepreneur in various businesses for over 40 years. She is considered an innovator, who has developed expertise in many areas including seminar leadership, writing, counseling/coaching, education, astrology, marketing, and the wholesale and retail business.

In 1972, Samantha was among the founders of Arizona Society of Astrologers, which boasts one of the largest memberships in the country today. Until 1979, she had alternately served on the board as Vice President, Director of Programs, and Director of Education. As a personal and business consultant in Arizona, she developed a large national clientele. Along with her teaching, speaking and writing articles for nationally recognized astrology magazines and a weekly newspaper column, she had her own radion program and has been a guest speaker on other people's shows on both radio and TV.

In 1979, Samantha became a Certified Instruction of the Silva Method of Mind Development, with proficiency in teaching controlled relaxation, stress management, and self-empowerment. She managed her own Arizona territory, gaining experience in advertising and marketing. She then created and led relationship seminars called "Living with People," showcasing methods to enhance all forms of relationships, including the one you have with yourself. She has also taught many classes in astrology, interpersonal communication, relationship dynamics, personal responsibility, goal setting, financial success, emotional and physical health and healing, spiritually, and parenting.

At the heart of it all, Samantha is a mother who raised four children as a single parent and now has ten grandchildren. Her ability to understand human behavior and potential combine with a multitude of skills to make her a dynamic instrument for positive change and transformation in the lives of all who have the opportunity to experience her. Samantha says that, "This book is committed to helping parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists gain added insights into our children's personalities, and to assist them in learning new effective tools and methods for raising, guiding, and understanding the children of our world."


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