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Marcia Masino has been a working astrologer since 1972. She is the author of the book Easy Tarot Guide, a modern classic on Tarot interpretation, now also published in German and Korean, and Best Tarot Practices , which is also expected to be available on Kindle soon.

She has been awarded certification as a Grandmaster of Tarot by the American Tarot Association.

Marcia is also a contributor to Llewellyn Publications' first Tarot Calendar. Her tapes on all levels of Tarot study and Meditations on the Major Arcana are available directly from her at

”This Easy Tarot Guide is our favorite book on the Tarot. Marcia Masino offers the aspiring Tarot reader a full introduction to many aspects of the cards. While many books ignore or glance over the symbolism, Ms. Masino delves into it with her lush explanations of the subtle details one can often miss while studying the Tarot. Her meanings range from the metaphysical to the practical, and the use of Tarot in Divination is fully explored. For the beginning students of Tarot, the best offering of Easy Tarot Guide is the series of tests given at the end of each chapter, designed to give the reader a comprehensive knowledge of the cards. A must have!” -

In addition to her work with astrology and tarot, Marcia is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and a highly talented artist, working in watercolors, oils and acrylics. She has created three beautiful Tarot decks, The Lily Dale Cards, The Spirit Light Tarot and The Fountain of Light Tarot. You can see the Lily Dale cards on her website: To view more of Marcia's artwork, go to .

In July 2010 Marcia will be attending the Lily Dale Library Day honoring the members of The Lily Dale Assembly who are published authors and are featured in books. She will also be presenting a workshop titled Spirit Communication and Your Soul Purpose on Monday, July 26th in Lily Dale.

A new expanded edition of Easy Tarot Guide is now available. It includes a substantially expanded question and answer section and one entirely new section that combines Tarot and Yoga.

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