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Kim (a ninth-house Sagittarian) is a professional astrologer who fell in love with astrology just about 20 years ago. She was honored to have studied individually with Nancy Hastings and Robert Hand in 'the early days." Most recently, she has begun to focus her readings on relationships issues (including synastry, most especially composite and progressed composite charts), the underestimated but truly significant importance of Chiron, and the even more underestimated need for humor and real-life analogies in teaching beginners our wonderful science.

Over the years, she has tried her level best to bring these qualities into her work, including her writings, her local classes, her lectures (regardless of where or for whom,) and her willingness to espouse at Sagittarian length on astrology to anyone foolish enough to ask her about it.

As for writing: Her 'Love, Money, Health,' column has appeared in Dell Horoscope for the past 13 years, before which she was a steady contributor to "Welcome to Planet Earth," "American Astrology," and "The Mountain Astrologer." At the moment, she divides her time between writing for Dell and several other magazines (including, recently, for Ferret Magazine and other animal-oriented publications), and online for several different venues.

Kim's first book is the best-selling Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain, a light-hearted, complete astrology textbook specially designed to enable anyone, especially lighthearted beginner/intermediate students, to actually make sense of their birth chart, even if a real, live astrologer doesn't happen to be handy. (Try it and see.)

In Kim's second book, Astrology for the Light Side of The Future, she endeavored to provide 'everything you ever wanted to know about transits and predicting the future,' and to make the journey more fun than traveling with Alice through Wonderland. (Try this too, and see...)

She has written for Gloria Star's "Women and Astrology," "Astrologers Discuss the New Millennium," is the author of the text in Llewellyn's Astrology Calendar, and wrote forecasts for Llewellyn's "Daily Planetary Guide" for several years. Kim was a Board Member of ISAR, (the International Society for Astrological Research) and the former editor of ISAR's quarterly magazine, The International Astrologer. Kim is in high demand at conferences, particularly at NORWAC in Seattle, and, in true Sagittarian style, has lectured extensively in the US and abroad, including the UK, Europe and Australia.


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