Happy Birthday, Virgo!

The general characteristics of your personality are outlined below and will give you some insight into what “makes you tick.”

The position of the sun at your birth is a key to your self-esteem, where you want to “shine,” how you seek recognition and attention, and symbolizes your basic vitality and creative spirit.

Of course, you are much more than just your sun sign -- with an interpreted report based on your specific birth data, you will learn about the meaning of all the planets in your chart, your rising sign and much more. More info...

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This whimsical Unicorn was created for the book and art of Your Magical Child, so as to be gender neutral so as not to offend the boys. It's verse begins with "The wild and mystic Unicorn comes tamely to the Virgo born..."

The constellation from which the Virgo sign name derives has traditionally been drawn as Ceres, the Mother Goddess of abundance who holds the sheaves of harvest in her arms. Virgo is an earthy, feminine sign, but ruled by cerebral Mercury, as a result of the arbitrary ancient schematic that assigned the Lights, Moon and Sun to rule Cancer and Leo respectively, and then Mercury to rule the next two signs in either direction, Gemini and Virgo. Mercury fits very well with Gemini, and certainly in some respects Mercury describes Virgo traits, too. But, I've known Virgos who express earthiness and the caring qualities of Earth Mother as well, or more so, than the detail-oriented obsessiveness that has often been ascribed to Virgo, as ruled by Mercury. Now that we have Ceres as a planet, it is my opinion that she should be acknowledged as co-ruler of Virgo. Who knows…with Ceres as modern ruler of Virgo, maybe she wouldn’t be considered barren anymore. She can inspire the flowers to grow more bountifully! And for you Virgo men, how about the "wild and mystic Unicorn?

Still, Virgo is noted for dependability, so as a Virgo type, you can generally be counted on to do whatever tasks are at hand—to be organized, neat, and responsible. You like to fix things, to make them better. A sense of perfectionism and a critical eye is necessary for excellence, but take care that this does not lead you to nit-pick at both self and others.
There's an orientation toward service that may lead to helping-healing professions, such as becoming a doctor or nurse, or to work in some other related wellness occupation. Or you may be the teacher or office worker who knows where everything is and how it is to be done, or the detail-oriented computer technician, or perhaps the organic farmer. In whatever line of work you choose, you can generally be counted upon to be reliable and dedicated, patient and practical. You may be noted for your honesty and common sense.


The following cycles are based on your sun sign and represent general trends over the next year. For more detailed information at a special price, Astro’s Planetary Guide to Your Future will provide you with a wealth of information on short-term (daily, weekly) and long-term forecasts based on transits to your specific birth chart.

Jupiter is moving direct in Leo, your solar House 12 and will continue moving direct in Virgo until entering Virgo on September 11, 2015. Libra is your solar House 2. When Jupiter is transiting your solar House 12, you may be more drawn more to the mystical and spiritual than usual, and you may focus more on your spiritual life. Your empathy for others may move you to help them. Your capacity for compassion grows . Even if you have difficulties during this time, you'll be able to see the growth potential involved and learn from the experience with a positive outlook.
When Jupiter enters your solar first house, your general optimism is likely to increase, and growth in general is favored. Of course, if the growth is around your waistline, that may not be so desirable, and extravagance can result in problems later. While Jupiter transits are generally quite positive, the danger in them can be in expecting too much of them. So, do be open to opportunities that may arise, but at the same time realize that you must use opportunities wisely in order to make the most of them.

Saturn is in Scorpio for all Virgo birthdays this year, and will continue in Scorpio until moving into Sagittarius on December 17, 2014. Saturn rises to just a few minutes shy 5° Sag, though, before turning retrograde on March 14. On June 16, Saturn backs up right into Scorpio again! He'll move backwards through the late degrees of Scorpio until turning direct at 28 Scorpio on August 2, 2015.
Scorpio is your solar house 3, and Saturn transiting here can relate to your need to take responsibility for how you think and behave in everyday life. Learn that no mater what you said or didn’t say, or what you did or didn’t do, or think or didn’t think in any interaction, it is what others involved perceived that is. Perception (as the saying goes) is everything! As you get to the understanding of the full truth of this, you may find that you need to make some changes in thinking or behavior. Inner work done during Saturn’s transit of House 3 and improve not only your daily life, but also the work you do in the world.
This is a house of communication, and it is important to be aware that how you listen is as much a part of good communication as what you say...or didn't say...or didn't hear and properly understand what you heard. Take good care that you both express yourself well and that you listen we'll and keep in mind the adage that "perception is everything."

Uranus continues in Aries for your entire solar year, retrograde on your 2014 birthday. On December 21, Uranus turns direct at 12 Aries, then slowly rises to 20 Aries, then turns retrograde again on July 26. The retrograde continues though all Virgo birthdays of 2015. Aries is your solar 8th house, which forms a quincunx (challenging) aspect to your Sun in solar house 1. This is an aspect that has been associated with changes and adjustments that you’ll feel the need to make, possibly with some feelings of upset. In the solar 8th house, the issue could relate to the resources you share with a partner. The theme of sharing becomes more important, but at the same time, you are likely to be feeling more need for freedom in this regard, rather than restriction. Balance is needed in any issue that involves sharing—if you are too dependent, you may be more likely to experience upset. Establishing healthy interdependence is the more worthwhile goal.

Also, while House 8 is your solar house of this long Uranus transit, each of you reading this may have Uranus transiting a different house within your chart based on accurate birth time. Wherever Uranus is transiting, some element of unpredictability is in play, and something will almost surely change. There’s a greater need for freedom in some area of life. When we can recognize what is going on and then take initiative toward changes that need to be made, the transit can go well. When we dig in our heels and refuse to change, a Uranus transit can feel tense and upsetting. So…expect the unexpected and innovate as you consider how your particular situation can be improved. Likely you’ll find that a greater sense of freedom is the outcome.

Neptune begins your solar year at the 6th degree of Pisces and retrograde. The direct station is at 4 Pisces on November 16. Neptune then advances to 12, turns retrograde again on Dec. 21 at 12 Pisces, then ends up your solar year at 8 Pisces. Yes, this is a looong transit in Pisces, into 2025.

Pisces is your solar 7th house, the house of partnership, of close one-to-one relationships. Pisces is the opposing sign to Virgo, thus a challenging aspect. Sun is your vitality—how you shine—and Neptune can, let’s say, represent a time when the Sun (in solar houses, your first house) can seem a bit fogged. You could feel some sense of confusion or mystery as to why things aren’t quite the way you expected them to be. Take your time in getting familiar with new ideas and new people before you trust that they are right for you.

With Neptune in House 7, you may overly idealize your close one-to-one partnerships (personal or business) and then feel disappointed if the partner does not live up to expectations. Or you might delude yourself that everything is wonderful when it is obvious to others that it isn’t “right” at all. Or you could be aware of problems, but your signficant other is suppressing them, frustrating any attempts on your part to improve the situation. Or, the relationship itself is fine, but your partner may be ill or has some other problem that requires attention and care from you.

If you are not currently in a partnership, be cautious in starting one during this transit. Also be cautious about anyone whom you hire as a consultant, legal or otherwise. Neptune’s theme is not one of clarity, so take your time to be sure that you are clear about who the other person is, that you are seeing and accepting him/her for what he/she is, and not for what you want (hope) is the case. During this transit, you are learning, through one-to-one relationships, how to balance ideals with reality.

On the upside, that you are inclined to look for the best in others supports their best, and can return that favor to you. In a good relationship, Neptune can represent a mystically beautiful bond, or relate to a heightened aesthetic sense leading to artistic activities where you can create beauty to be shared with others.

Pluto continues his long transit through Capricorn, now and for years to come. Capricorn is your solar House 5 and in a cooperating relationship to Virgo. Pluto transits are powerful and transformative. House 5 relates to your children, your love affairs, and your creative pursuits, and also to risk-taking and competitions such as sports. With this transit you may pursue any of these interests with a great deal of passion and intensity. Strong statements can be made with creative pursuits.

If you have children, set a strong and positive example for them, but remember they are not you—they need to find their own interests, and you need to support them in their interests rather than try to pressure them to adopt yours. Avoid power struggles with them. Pay attention, set common sense limits, but then let them be themselves. Guard against pressuring them to change or conform to the detriment of their own individuality.

Love affairs are also read from House 5, and during a Pluto transit, they can see fated, and feel more intense and emotional. The extent to which the experience is wonderful or painful may depend on how you have learned to understand your own subconsious. If it is painful, step back and examine whether this person is really good for you or just providing a mirror into which you can see some problems within yourself that you need to resolve. A good relationship (existing or new) will probably be strengthed during this transit; a bad one is unlikely to survive it.

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