What's Your Sign?

Most adults in the United States know their "sign," and a large percentage read their daily horoscope in the newspaper or online. It's unfortunate that many people believe the daily sun sign horoscopes are what astrology is all about.

You are much more than just a sun sign. Not everyone with your sun sign will look like you, believe in what you believe in, or have the same experiences that you do.

Even someone born on the same day will have a
very different birth chart than you do, because
an accurate birth chart is not based on
just the day you were born!

Your personal birth chart is calculated by using your birth date, the location of your birth and the exact time, which means that individual birth charts are like fingerprints -- unique and yours alone.

Although articles and general information about sun signs is interesting, if you’re like most people, you want more information.

  • Am I on the right path?
  • Is he my soulmate? Is she the right one for me?
  • Will I ever get promoted or “make it big” in my career?
  • Is this the right job for me?

With an accurate birth chart, and interpretations by several of the country’ s most highly renowned astrologers, you will find the answers to those questions -- and many more!

You can learn about your soul’s purpose, karmic relationships, and what opportunities tomorrow may bring.

At Astro Communications Services, we have been providing astrological products and services since 1973, and as publishers of The American Ephemeris and other reference books used by professional astrologers and students all over the world, we have earned our reputation as the company that sets the standards for accuracy in astrological calculations. As our motto so proudly claims,

“When it comes to astrology, we wrote the book.”

Astrology is not about destiny -- it’s about knowledge and choices. It’s about personal empowerment -- really understanding yourself and using that knowledge to take control and achieve true balance in your life.

So, whether you are a serious student of astrology or just mildly curious about your own chart, Astro has products that will provide you with the information to help you make better decisions, understand the dynamics of your relationships, determine your financial destiny and lead you on an exciting journey that can alter your life!

If you are looking for answers, seeking guidance, or want information that will help you to live your life to the fullest, click on the links below to view four of Astro's best-selling reports for beginners:

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