Chiron in Signs, Houses, and Aspects



Chiron has been called a planetoid (small planet), and an asteroid [#2060] (although most asteroids orbit in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter). Currently, some astronomers theorize that Chiron is a former comet. We do know that it is a small body (180 kilometers in diameter) which orbits between Jupiter and Uranus. (Because Chiron’s orbit is so ellipitical we cannot say it orbits only between Saturn and Uranus.)

Chiron was discovered by Charles Kowal in 1977, so astrologers have had a limited period of time to study its significance in horoscopes. Chiron orbits the zodiac in about 50 years. Due to Chiron’s irregular orbit, it spends a relatively long time in certain signs (Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus) and moves relatively quickly through others (Gemini through Sagittarius).