Easy Astrology Guide



How to Read Your Horoscope – Astrology Your Tool For Happiness

This book will show you how to Read your horoscope, starting from the basics, Pinpoint special talents and use your hidden strengths, Recognize (and resolve!) inner conflicts, Dissolve barriers to happiness, Raise your self-esteem, Improve your relationships, Create more joy in life.

Unlike most astrology books, Easy Astrology Guide was written by a woman well-trained in psychology as well as astrological techniques. Her insightful blend of the best of these two fields is a rare gift for the reader.

Maritha Pottenger discusses the positive and negative options for every basic astrological position. She offers tips and suggestions for making the most of your assets and over-coming personal liabilities. This book is designed for activist astrology – a tool to make your life more fulfilling!