Juno: Key to Marriage, Intimacy and Partnership



One of the most common questions asked of astrologers is “What about my love life?” – or more specifically, When will I marry? What do I need in a partner? Is she the one for me? Is he my soul mate?

Although Venus is usually considered the most important planet with regard to love and relationships, Juno operates as “The Marriage Asteroid” – providing a key to one’s attitudes about love and the type of partner they will choose, as well as the timing of marriages and other committed relationships.

Maritha Pottenger’s newest booklet will provide you with the tools to make better choices for yourself or provide more detailed and practical advice to clients. In addition to descriptions of natal Juno placements (by sign and house), you will also learn about:

Juno in Synastry:
Juno contacts between partners in romantic relationships, business associations, or other shared resources are very important. A conjunction between one person’s Juno and another person’s personal planets helps to show the strong attraction that may not be obvious from the rest of the chart.

Transiting or Progressed Juno through the Houses:
Learn how Juno transiting your 7th house can mean that you are now ready to share your life (and therefore, are more likely to meet someone), while Juno transiting your 1st house can point to a need for more freedom in your relationships.

Conjunctions in Current Patterns:
Learn the meanings of Juno in conjunction to your natal planets, asteroids or personal points (whether by transit, progression, solar arc or solar return). Because of the significance of contacts to the angles of the chart, you will also learn how Juno transits are involved in marriages or romantic commitments (Juno conjunct IC – “You are ready for a deep emotional commitment. Marriage is a possibility, or strengthening and intensifying a partnership bond that already exists.”)

Includes an ephemeris of Juno placements from 1937 – 2019