Tables of Planetary Phenomena



This amazing volume has a wealth of information for every astrological researcher, teacher and student! Whether you are interested in history, mundane astrology, planetary patterns, cycles, sunspots or other solar system activity, this book has something for you.

Tables are provided for planetary ingresses from 501 BC through AD 2100. Eclipse data are given from 1700 through 2050. Perihelions and aphelions are also listed from 1700 through 2050. Aspects between outer planets (Jupiter through Pluto) are provided from 1700 through 2050 (with conjunctions back to 501 BC and up to AD 2100).

Planetary stations in longitude are listed from 1700 through 2050 along with times when five or more planets were within a 20 degree arc. The eight lunar phases between 1900 and 2020 are also included. Other tables provide yearly mean sunspot numbers, daily sunspot numbers and major magnetic storms.

Each table is preceded by an explanatory article, giving tips on how to use the tabular information and examples from astrological practice and tradition.

An artistic masterpiece within this work is provided by the planetary mandalas. These striking figures show orbital patterns involving various planetary (and asteroid) combinations (Look for the Venus-Earth mandala which forms a valentine!) The infinite designs of our universe are incredible.