The Art of Chart Comparison



One of the most common questions astrologers hear is: “Who should I marry?” or variations on that theme. Almost everyone is concerned about their relationships – whether romantic, parent to child, employer to employee, colleague to co-worker, child to parent, sexual, business partner, friends, etc. Astrologers are often asked to help clarify these important interactions.

What can astrology do? Astrology cannot tell you who you “should” marry. However, astrology can assess the basic strengths and weaknesses of you and the person you are interested in. Astrology can pinpoint potential areas of conflict and likely areas of agreement and ease.

Astrology can speak to the issues you both need to be aware of in building a relationship together. This booklet will take you through a step-by-step process of analyzing relationships astrologically. For your convenience, a summary outline which can be used to review the steps is provided at the end of this booklet.