The Only Way to Learn to Learn about Horary and Electional Astrology: Vol 6



Volume 6 presents horary and electional astrology

Horary Astrology is the art of interpreting a chart set up for the moment you ask a question. The horoscope reveals the answer!

Electional Astrology uses astrological principles to choose a time to “give birth”, whether to a baby, a new job, marriage, a business, a trip or any other kind of new beginning. You choose the chart that reflects what you want to create!

Joan McEvers has developed a simplified way to do Horary Astrology that works!

Marion D March demonstrates how to select the right time to initiate a new beginning.

Both authors take what’s best of tradition, while eliminating what doesn’t work, is confusing or overly complicated. They stress clarity and common sense, with many clear examples followed by “test yourself” charts with answers at the end – all to help you solidify your knowledge and confidence.

Yes! It is the ONLY Way!