Twelve Wings of the Eagle Our Spiritual Evolution Through the Ages of the Zodiac



Our Spiritual Evolution through the Ages of the Zodiac.

In a light, conversational style, the author has traced the spiritual evolution of western civilization through the precessional ages of history and a detailed study of the biblical Genesis. Her narrative along with lively dialogue, with her students, and interspersed with stories from Genesis, Exodus, and the gospels that are retold from class discussions that emphasize the zodiacal and numerological symbolism that can be found in the stories.

The use of astrology is seen here as a synthesis of such apparent opposites as faith (religion) and reason (science). The astrology of the Great Ages is shown to reflect the matriarchal roots of humanity through the dominance of the patriarchy to the current and future reemergence of the Goddess.

The vision of Esdras, from the Apocrypha, of an eagle with twelve wings brings this story of the ages to a close, but with hope and inspiration for a future for humanity that extends and will likely continue to extend far beyond the fabled Age of Aquarius.

Little has changed in the text in regard to the history of the past ages, though there is commentary and at least an estimate on when the new age might actually arrive, when we might once again be hearing a new revival of that popular song of years past that began with the lyrics, “:It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…Aquarius…Aquarius!”