Understanding Children through Astrology



Understanding Children Through Astrology – Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition

Where do you go to find answers about your children’s personalities, traits and mood swings? As a parent, grandparent, guardian or teacher, experience is always the best trainer – but we all need help and advice on how to educate our youths the “right way”!

In this book, Samantha Marshall, mother, grandmother and astrologer, can help you by providing you with a pragmatic approach to reasing your children, from babies through early childhood to adolescence, with the added information that can be learned from knowing the positions of the planets at the time of their birth.

In this newly expanded and updated edition of her book, you’ll learn:
*The Key for Effective Discipline
*Seven Motivation Skills for Beginners
*Ten Keys for Better Communication
*The elements that build the “Astrological Personality Profile”
*What planets in signs can tell you about thought and action.
*The “ABC’s” of Astrology

Expanded sections of this new edition include information about the generational outer planets and how inner planet contacts with them can offer additional informaiton about personality and behavior.

Understanding Children with Astrology can help you take a big step forward in recognizing what makes your children “tick” – how each has his or her own special mode of expression. In the process, you’re also likely to learn about yourself, too, and how your personality blends or differs from theirs. The more we understand our children, the more we can help them develop self-confidence, self-esteem, rewarding relationships and success in their lives. Make it a better world today!