What are Winning Transits?



This booklet explains the work of Joyce Wehrman in her unique gambling system of very detailed timing, minute by minute. Joyce tested her technique by taking it to the race tracks and casinos, and actually did quite well and prospered. It must be said, though, that Joyce also has a very good natal chart for winning by chance. If one does not have such a chart, the system may not work as it did for Joyce, you gamble strictly at your risk!

But there are many more ways to “win” and everyone wins at some point. The trick is to figure out when to make our moves, and all of we astrologers look at transits! Joyce Wehrman’s system hones those transits down to the minute. It takes a bit of study, but can and does work. The system became the basis for our Lucky Times software. Tom has tested that extensively has found (as Joyce pointed out in her booklet), that her timing technique even works well for rectifying charts! With the assistance of this little booklet, you can learn quite a lot about closely timing all kind of activities.

You’ll also enjoy reading the “Postscript” article in the booklet that was written by Neil Michelsen, after he had thoroughly tested Joyce’s timing techniques and you’ll also hear about the special calculation reports he programmed for ACS in order to make using Joyce’s system far easier.