Yankee Doodle Discord A Walk with Planet Eris through USA History



The discovery of the planet Eris in 2005 created discord in the Astronomical community with debates over the definition of what was a “planet”, leading to the demotion of Pluto and the promotion of Ceres to “dwarf planet” status. Now, Thomas Canfield takes that discord to the Astrological community. “Yankee Doodle Discord” examines the role of planet Eris in the charts of the United States, the Founding Fathers, and major events of upheaval in American history.

In examining these charts, Thomas Canfield has found the Eris Frenemy Principle, based on the mythology that Eris causes the most trouble when she pretends to be your friend. Eris can be found in cooperative aspects at times of major discord, and in challenging aspects when there is less discord. Study of Eris and her legacy of discord may add a new dimension to Mundane Astrology, as well as Natal chart examinations.

Thomas Canfield has been studying Astrology for more than 30 years, often under the tutelage of Maria Kay Simms. He has been studying History for much longer than 30 years, and with Virgo Rising and Mercury in Capricorn, he works hard to keep facts and dates accurate. He currently works and resides in New Hampshire.