Your Starway to Love



Better Romance with Astrology

Comapre yourself to potential partners on six different dimensions.
Self Esteem – How each praises (or doesn’t!) the other. Risk taking tendencies.
Emotional neediness and vulnerability – What “feeds” (nourishes) each of you.
Communication – How to phrase something so your partner will hear.
Affection – What attracts each of you. Where and how you seek comfort.
Sexual drives – What turns on each of you. Styles of excitement.
Independence/expression – How each of you gets what you want.

Get your complete, easy-to-follow compatibility analysis with a do-it-yourself worksheet.
Your Love Line score reveals “the bottom line” with a partner. Compare your Love Line scores to those of famous couples.
Identify both strengths and weaknesses in your relationships. Learn how to overcome challenging combinations.
Score your partner(s) for sexual sizzle, attraction and affection, togetherness and close comfort.