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This striking and classic zodiac art series was originally designed by Phil Morgavo while he was employed by Astro several years ago when the company was still active in San Diego. The designs have been and still are available as free downloadable desktop pictures.


Recently Maria Kay Simms decided that the designs ought to also be part of our Art Chart series, so she opened each one in Photoshop, cut out as big a circle as was manageable, and then copied the circular portion of each zodiac image so that it could be used as a chart center. This Art Chart option is the result.


Click on the PDF to see all twelve chart centers. Scroll down to the second page of the PDF to see the Note Card set that also uses these designs. We call this beautiful zodiac design set “Sihouettes,” and many thanks to you, Phil, for having produced the designs for our desktop zodiac!


To order the Silhouette Art Chart you will need to provide full birth data: date, time and place. While normally one’s Sun sign appears in the chart center, this chart option does allow you to choose an alternate center design, such as perhaps if you prefer to highlight your Rising Sign or dominant sign, rather than your Sun sign. If you want a different sign than your Sun at chart center, be sure to select the sign you want at checkout.


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