Z-Toons Art Charts


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The Z-Toons Art Charts
Chart only – $9.95 Chart matted and ready to frame – $24.95


Our Z-Toons Art Charts are sassy and fun! Express yourself or gift a friend!
Click on the PDF to view pictures of each chart center. The outer rings will be in the same general style as the example chart shown, but will be color coordinated to the chart center that you choose.


If you want a matted Art Chart, you can choose either a white mat with black reveal or a black with white reveal. Each matted art chrt has the front mat hinged to a backing board and comes enclosed in a clear, protective sleeve. Remove sleeve and place matted chart into any standard 11″ x 14″ frame.


Each chart center is listed with its order code. Normally, the sun sign would be the center art, but if you wish, you can choose a different sign.. For example, maybe you’d like to feature your Rising Sign in the center. You’ll find a list of signs at check out, with small circles beside each. Click on the circle beside the sign you want to be in the center of your chart.


On the PDF, if you scroll down you’ll see a second page that shows our notecards with the Z-Toon design set. Express yourself with one of our several choices of zodiac art notecards!


Z-Toons designs—the signs of the zodiac with a touch of sass, are by Maria Kay Simms.


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Z-Toons Art Charts

art only, with black mat, with white mat