The Mystical Card Reading Handbook



The Mystical Card Reading Handbook by Lady Deane is a how-to manual for Card Reading, using a standard deck of 52 playing cards. It includes when to do a reading (as well as when not to), the various types of readings, and how to interpret the cards for best effect.

The major accomplishment of The Mystical Card Reading Handbook is
the Cards section itself which gives the meanings of each card, in all four suits,
under eight planetary energies (Mercury thru Pluto). This will assist both the
novice and accomplished reader alike, in learning how to blend the card energies
properly in order to illuminate the correct interpretation. Hidden information
may be revealed, future events may be foretold, and use of this handbook
should be of great help in this endeavor.

The Mystical Card Reading Handbook is a wonderful resource and guide. It will
steer you in the right direction and enhance your Card Reading skills! Learn
how YOU can ask a quick Yes or No question, and how to do a simple reading
right now! You will have your answer in minutes.